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Intera Healthcare
Integrating Therapeutics For Better Life

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Intera Healthcare Private Limited was founded (2016) & managed by Hari R. Desu. Intera Healthcare is committed to developing affordable & quality medicines in a world of complexities including raising material, manufacturing, regulatory & inspection costs along with unknown charted areas such as choice of insurance policies for patient population. Despite global advances in biotechnology & bio-medical engineering fields, there are still many diseases for which the level of treatments is not enough or for which there are no absolute complete treatments. The pharmaceutical companies play a definitive & specific role in discovering or improving the medicines to cater to the needs of patients. Due to evoloving complexities in terms of treatments and businesses, pharmaceutical companies are either depended or involved in definitive collaborations to provide treatable solutions to these problems. Our mission is oritented towards achieving our vision (affordable & quality medicines) through our business which we serve medicines to patients, and extend our support systems to health care professionals and the communities in which we live.


Our vision is to become a Pharma Innovator, capable of developing quality products to treat the ever evolving diseases of patients. Palliative therapies, preventive measures and unspecific existing therapies are still in great demand for customization to a large scale of patient population. Over the last decades, advances in biotechnologies and medical technologies have saved the lives of many people. Still, the people are at risks due to ever evolving diseases. This is challenging to healthcare companies the world around to find treatments. For this, we have implemented a multitude of initiatives, focusing on scientific & business initiatives to fulfil unmet specific medical needs and build innovative and improvised products. In essence, Intera Healthcare plays an integral part of medical innovations to provide solutions to healthcare problems.

Our Commitments

Intera Healthcare's commitment to providing medicines what people needs is incorporated in our mission. People always strive for a quality life. For imparting quality life to patients, Intera Healthcare is committed to creation of innovative and improved products through our research & development (R&D) initiatives that would address diverse medical needs. Intera works continuously to achieve our research initiatives and bring new/improved products to markets .


At Intera Healthcare, we would like to become a Pharma Innovator with a sustainable growth through bringing medical products at a steady pace. In order to achieve our vision initiatives, Intera Healthcare builds specific and diverse product portfolio. Intera's vision and commitment is based on the "TRIO" of Innovation, Integrity and Accoountability. In this manner, Intera shows gratitude and responsibility to communities.

TRIO of Initiatives

  1. Innovation
    1. To create best-in-class medicines
      To strengthen intellectual rights
  2. Integrity
    1. To supply high quality medicines
      To provide right medicial information
  3. Accountability
    1. To demonstrate professionalism
      To be accountable towards our initiatives

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